The Pledge: Are you kidding me?

Examine the pledge. Is that something you are willing to stake life and property on? I have taken the Oath of Loyalty to the Constitution of the United States. Now THAT is a pledge I renew gladly, with full respect, and intent to die by if that be required.

The pledge is socialist device.

Are you kidding me?

Not at all. I am deadly serious. While I am prepared to sacrifice my life for the Constitution, I am unwilling to sacrifice a left handed basket weave for the flag, or the “republic”.

We are not “one nation”, we are 50 nations banded together into a federation.

“Under God” is redundant because all creation exists under God.

We are “indivisible” only through the force of arms in 1861-65.

“Justice” is currently in flux and one is hard pressed to find a definition acceptable to any great majority of us.

“Liberty” is so complex and illusive that one must stand for it every day in every walk of life or lose it, either to the left or to the right, both of which use force to gain compliance with their particular version of “freedom and fairness”.

“For all” is an absolute assertion and therefore a logical impossibility.

So many concepts from the story books and precious little relationship to the actual daily struggle of maintaining freedom and individuality in our modern “Nation”.

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A Racial Question

A question this time because I do not like the answer I’m getting on my own. Something different has happened this year, something I have not seen in all my 63 years on the planet.

Why is it that black people I’ve met this year who are not trying to sell me something act as if they are doing me a favor just by acknowledging my presence? Here to fore I have never felt threatened by my neighbors just based on one conversation, nor have I encountered so many extremely rude refusals to engage. Here to fore I have never felt that my neighbors were judging me less than human on the very first encounter, sometimes the very first glance. Here to fore no adult I’ve ever met outside of the military starts a conversation giving brisk instructions as if talking to a child in trouble.

Why are my neighbors, this year especially, suddenly judging me and acting self-righteous about it on the very first encounter?

I hope the answer is not the obvious one.

I hope the answer is not that, because it means I have something to fear from them.

I hope I have nothing to fear from them, because I can be a dangerous man when I am threatened.

I am beginning to live in fear. That is not a good way to live. I don’t do anything I don’t want to do. I do not want to live in fear of my neighbors.

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Tipping Is a Racket

The restaurant pays him $5/hr ($2.50 in some states) to carry orders from the table to the kitchen and to carry the food from the kitchen to my table. I pay him to make that experience pleasant.

I cannot get menu recommendations, talk about the weather, or swap a good well sanitized joke with a plateful of food. When I tip I am paying for the conversation, the attitude, the attention to detail, the messenger service to the kitchen, and the integrity to get my order right. When I pay my tab I am paying for food, not for this personal service.

If the chef screws it up I will not accept the food, nor will I pay for it. If the table sucks or the air conditioning is off, I will speak to the manager. I really don’t care one little bit about the business side, the owner’s taxes, or the government regulations. If the environment or the food is bad I will expect the bill to be compensated or cancelled.

If the server screws it up I will speak to the server who is working for me at the time. In all cases while sitting at my table or on the dance floor or at the bar, my server is my agent to the restaurant. If those agenting services are lacking then so will be the tip. If those services are especially pleasant and effective then so will be the tip.

I object to the restaurant setting a minimum tip. The proper course is for the restaurant to pay commission on the server’s performance. It makes the server 100% an employee of the restaurant and his compensation is no longer my concern.

Any mandatory gratuity is no longer a gratuity by definition. It becomes an additional surcharge, nothing else.

The services provided by most servers. If he performs that job for me in an excellent manner he will get an excellent tip. If he performs in a substandard manner he will get a substandard tip.

Twenty percent is a reasonable payment for most restaurants. It is completely unrealistic at McDonald’s. I expect it would be unrealistic at my local Country Club as well, but for the opposite reason. If my server is unhappy with the size of my tip he has a couple of options. He may tell me about it, in which case I will probably complain to the manager. He may do as one man did to me in Memphis, throw it at me and shout he wouldn’t work for that little tip. Of course that only confirmed for me that reducing his tip in the first place was too generous. Or as a self-employed agent between me and the restaurant, he may reexamine his own performance and career choices.

A reasonable tip is an obligation between you and your server. Remember that he is paid to carry dishes and not much else. His income should be based on how well your server serves you. The tip amount must vary with the type of store, the product, and most importantly with the server himself. This is a transaction between you and your server, the store keeper be damned. If he wants better servers he should do like everybody else and raise prices to the point that he can afford to hire better servers.

At most mid-market restaurants 20% works. It is based on the average bill, average time, and average effort put forth by your server. In a non-average restaurant the rules should be different.

Assume your server is paid $5/hr and your food costs $65 for two. Twenty percent makes the tip $13. If your server is working an average of 5 tables in an hour and all the bills are the same, you server has made 5 + 13 * 5 = $70/hr for that hour of service. For that same hour you got 1/5th of your server’s time, or 12 minutes. Your 20% tip is equivalent to $60/hr.

Was it worth it?

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Comparative Religion Class: Pay Attention

Advanced but brief lesson in comparative religion. There will be a self-graded test when this lesson is concluded.

Part I — When the Jews proved incapable of living by the Law, the Lord sent Jesus to preach a New Covenant of balance between Justice and Mercy for all men everywhere in the world.

Part II — When the Arabs proved incapable of living by the Law, the Lord sent Mohammed to preach it’s okay, just be sure and kill the next non-muslim or apostate muslim you meet on the street.

Self Graded Test — Not a prophet, not a preacher, not a missionary, but I have studied both religions and found one chock full of civilized ideals to strive for while the other commands constant bloody barbarism. Guess which is which. All the information you need is provided above.

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Freedom of Religion or Of the People?

I’ve been quiet on Social Conservatism recently while rethinking some points made here over the last few years. I do not want to start another discussion about religion. Stipulate that all religions have fanatics and all fanatics do bad things.

I have a question difficult for me to resolve regarding separation of church and state. Bluntly, where do our standards of right and wrong come from? The answers I get on my own are frankly quite chilling.

If we accept that religion has no place in government what standards are we to adopt? And do we simply pretend that those standards have roots in no religion anywhere? I have hesitated to put this question in the past because it sounds so much like the question I asked as a HS student — How do we KNOW that this one or that one is the right religion? I no longer ask that question, but the root of no knowing, the root of ignorance I had at the time does not ever leave me alone. It becomes especially strong when separation of chuch and state discussions arise in politics.

There is strong resistance, and rightly so, against a theocracy, but are we not creating an artificial paradigm with little actual relationship, never mind any 1:1 relationship, to reality?

Picking two religions (not at random), for example: shall we choose our basic concept of right and wrong from Samurai Bushido or Modern Christianity. Another example is the stark contrast between Islam and Modern Christianity.

Not looking for a religious debate here. I assume that there will be a functional concept of right and wrong in every government. I assume based on personal inquiry that all concepts of right and wrong have their roots in some religious doctrine. To get the dilemma bothering me we must step back from being Christian and analyze that religion as one candidate of many to fill a void no other type of philosophy, IMO, can fill.

During my recent meditations it comes down this — Let us be as rational and as objective as possible and vet the potential candidate religions for our concept of right and wrong. From there we should be able to move forward no longer worried about separation having adopted (in effect) our state religion, whether if be a theocracy (heaven forbid) or a hybrid mish-mosh from many.

Right and Wrong is a concept essential to Justice as Justice is essential to the peace and freedom of the people.

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Update: Bitches, Queens, and Cops

[Ed. Note: see previous article “Bitches, Queens, and Cops”]


It is a little before three PM Wednesday afternoon, the day after I posted my original article on the recent news item where a Richmond County, VA, police officer is accused of mistreating a recalcitrant high school female student while trying to eject from the classroom which she was disrupting. The videos are online for googling. The news is no doubt going to cover this on the evening broadcasts. I’ve been listening to the radio. Here is the latest development:

The teachers are happy with what happened.

The other students are happy with what happened.

The police investigation has concluded no excessive force was used.

The student is physically unharmed.

The student’s family is not talking.

The cop is apparently guilty of doing only his job and only when specifically requested to do so by school officials and administrators.

The Chief fired the officer today, apparently for doing exactly the job he was put into the school to do in the first place.

The FBI has begun an investigation whether the student’s civil rights were violated.

The cop has not made any statement as of this moment.

Lawyer up, everybody. Here we go!

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Bitches, Queens, and Cops

This week in the news a police officer in Richmond County, SC, is probably going to lose his job over a video showing him performing a rougher than expected apprehension of a disruptive female High School student. So far race is not an issue. The media is concentrating on the “Big Bad Cop versus Sweet Little HS Girl” angle.

First we find out there is a video of the struggle. How despicable the big bad cop beat up on the little school girl.

Then we find out she was openly rebellious and disruptive in the classroom and that’s why the teacher called for help.

Then we find out one of her fellow students thinks the officer choked her. (Not in the video, BTW.)

Then we find out she remained rebellious and uncooperative when the vice principle showed up to make her leave the classroom.

Then we find out there’s a second video a little longer that show the same thing as the first video.

Then we find out the officer is on administrative duty.

Then we find out she refused to leave the classroom when the teacher first asked her to leave.

Then we find out the officer has a “history”.

Then we find out she was using her cell phone to text her friends in a math class.

Then we find out the vice principle called the cop when she continued to be rebellious and verbally abusive to the teachers.

Then we find out she treated the cop the same way.

Then we find out there’s a 3rd video much longer that shows the student kicking the floor and punching the cop before he touches her.

Then we find out she was swinging at the cop and punching him.

Then we find out the cop has been suspended without pay.

Then we find out she was screaming at everybody with abusive language before the cop touched her.

Then we find out it’s all the cops fault and he’s going to lose his job over this shit.

Then we find out the teacher, the vice principle, and the whole admin staff of the school will keep their jobs.

Tell me, at what point do we stop the crazy and try to figure out why HS girls act like ghetto bitches and HS staff act like closet queens?

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The Law vs. The Principle

All good men live by right principles. The law is merely a tool by which those principles are published to the world. The maxim “Ignorance is no excuse” is the mantra of the tyrant. The maxim “a nation of laws” is the mantra of the despot.

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Let’s Start This Revolution!

A seasoned warrior will often open the distance as his first move. If he is closing on you the fight has already been going on longer than you may know. Why is that? The answer is actually very simple. The seasoned warrior either studied (or learned the hard way) all about the great military sage, Sun Tzu. “Before one goes to war, do the calculations and prepare.” There are thousands of details to set in place if you wish to go to war. Revolution is no different.

First Look Around Yourself

Everybody knows what Supplies are. Almost everyone has heard the word “logistics”. When one is going to war the very first question of Supply and Logistics is manpower. I give a rough and dirty estimate of the current manpower available for an actual American Revolution in the next 4 years. Unless there is a major political shift in that time, this is it, Boys and Girls.

Simple Logistics

You need 30% to 35% of the healthy able-bodied men in the country to stand up with you. Short of that, revolution is just fancy suicide right now.

As a retired military officer involved in planning and a little logistics, I must stand by my numbers. Women and children cannot stand against the kind of firepower that would be brought to bear. Nobody is going to quit their job before there is a significant chance of success. Human nature. Rough estimate: the population is a pool of 320 million, you are drawing from a pool of 80 million able-bodied males. Disallowing the unfit and handicapped it’s closer to 70 million (and a fraction on my calculator).

Only about 10% to 15% of humans are psychologically capable of taking independent action of any kind, much less violent action, without community or group support (fact). Now we’re down to 60 million in the pool.

For a moment let’s take an often used estimate of political division in the country 30-30-40 active (very optimistic, dem, gop, ind). Of the 30% who may be sympathetic to the cause only 10% to 15% will be willing to take action. Of those, only 10% to 15% will be capable of doing so independently. Even fewer capable of planning and leading what I call Constructive Violence, an absolute necessity for any warfare.

The total pool from which we may recruit is about 52 million able bodied men and only about 2 million of those are leaders capable of independent action. These are the same men who are fully capable of evaluating the plan for revolution. These men will make their own independent judgments on your proposed actions; you cannot stop them from it. Among those you will be lucky to find a half dozen capable military leaders.

We’re down to about 6 guys out of the whole population. I could go further, but my point is made. I’m talking about a leader the caliber of George Washington or George S. Patton here.

Simple Supply

That’s just getting the guys. Now we have to get the weapons and supplies caches. I guarantee the establishment will destroy every one they can find and that they will find most of them no matter how well they may be hidden. Remember the struggle will be independent minded men while the establishment will be millions upon millions of mindless bureaucrats who never think about what they are actually doing.

Where Do We Begin?

I recommend Charles Luttwak’s book “Coup de’Tat: Handbook” and the collected works of Trevor Dupuy (voluminous) as a STARTING PLACE for the education of these leaders. West Point ought to come close. You can do your screening for these guys by eliminating everybody who is not a Chess Champion first. (That’s only a little bit of an overreach.) Any suitably intellectual sports jock might work, also.

Good Luck On That

Seriously, you need something that angers America to action. The current rhetoric is not enough. I cannot recommend against armed action without general support because that kind of thing is what got John Brown hanged.

We are closer today than in the 1850s lead-up to the Civil War, but not so close as to warrant military action by militia against well trained and better armed troops. By the time they fired on Sumpter many months before they were ready for war, they already had their very own well trained army.

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Training For War …

I have trained for war my entire life. I have acquired a skill set uncommon among modern men. I can do great harm very quickly. I can do great good as quickly. I can save lives. I can end lives. My greatest victory so far is that the war for which I have trained has not come. My greatest defeat is the war for which I have trained still looms over us all unfought.

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