Americans At Will Network

September 5, 2013

I am building an informal disseminated network for Single Issue Politics. The issue right now is Obama’s “No Attack on Syria”. After this campaign we have a strong basis to make our voices heard in Washington on any serious national issue.


Your first encouragement from this network is: Call your Senators and your Representative now. Tell them “No Attack on Syria!”

The network is at-will; join, unjoin, participate at will. That means you’re on a private email list on one of my laptops, you will receive occasional information emails from me or another network member (NO Ads!), and you have committed to use your Social Media to spread the word to the American people on this Single Issue. No dues. No ads. No long-term commitments. No spam. No bulk emailing. I’ll destroy the computer, hard drive and all, before I compromise your email address in the Americans At Will network.

If you would like to join, here’s the rules:

1. No spam.

2. No ads.

3. No bulk emails. All correspondence sent to only 1 email address at a time. (This eliminates that huge list of Carbon Copy addresses you’ve probably seen in bulk emails and helps to guarantee your privacy.)

4. I will not share email addresses with anybody, including government representatives. I will never sell, loan, or rent addresses from the Americans At Will network to anybody, including any and all governments.

5. When the “Single Issue: No Attack on Syria” campaign is over, the network may take up a different Single Issue if the members active at that time agree. I hesitate to set a minimum, but the polls on the current issue are representative. According to the latest ABC poll 79% of Americans favor no attack without Congressional approval. Other polls indicate between 53% and 67% favor no attack at all. This is the kind of consensus we can work with — Americans At Will is working to encourage and motivate Americans to call Congress, to make their voices known to their representatives in the Senate and the House.

6. No hate groups.

7. No racism.

8. No political affiliation. I am conservative, but the network is designed for action based the desires of the American People. I promise never to use this network to further my personal politics and I discourage members from the same. The first “Single Issue: No Attack on Syria” is a good example because Americans oppose such an attack almost universally. The goal of this Single Issue Campaign is to stop the attack through Congressional action.

9. Anyone may submit a Single Issue for the network provided there is no current Campaign. (Current Campaign: No Attack on Syria) Group consensus is required before any Single Issue may be taken up by the network. (Example only: the network cannot address the abortion issue because thered is no uniform consensus in the nation.)

10. Anyone may join the network any time by sending an email to asking to join.

11. Anyone my leave the network any time by sending an email to asking to be removed.

12. The Americans At Will network is informal and disseminated. There is no legal entity associated with this network. We are Americans freely associating with other Americans for a single purpose. Future campaigns must reflect this defining characteristic of the network before beginning.

13. Direct feedback, ideas, suggestions, and criticism of the network to You can use this site’s email feature if you don’t mind being subject to the WordPress Privacy Policy.

2 Responses to Americans At Will Network

  1. Stoshwolfen says:

    First step: call your representatives in Congress. Let us know when you’ve done that. It will encourage the rest of us. A daily call is good if possible, but the best thing is to get your friends to call. The more calls the better. Fox News reported earlier today that call to Congress are running over 400 to 1 against the Attack on Syria. Let’s keep the pressure on. It’s the only thing Congress ever responds to.

  2. jared ross says:

    Im in

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