Racism Camoflaged

I find “African” used as a substitute for “Black” or “negroid” somewhat grating, especially when one considers North Africa, South Africa, and to a lesser extent Northeast Africa where the numerically greater racial designation is often properly “caucasoid”. The proper designation for Australian Aborigines is a hybrid between “caucasoid” and “negroid”; strictly speaking and using the taxonomy from an 1890s study on ethnicity from the Department of the Interior (originally published 1888-1896 in 12 volumes), they are “caucasoid”. One may argue that many of the North Africans and Northeast Africans are “semitic” (yes, both Arabs and Jews are “semitic”), but that classification is a sub-class of “caucasoid”. And just to be complete, most asian peoples are “mongoloid” (a racial designation, not the birth defect).

On this point it is obvious that speakers who use “African-American” are engaging in a cheap ploy, being racist without sounding racist, while “Black” on the other hand, makes it clear in most modern usages that the speaker is racist.

I don’t like making unnecessary and inaccurate distinctions, but I’m sitting at home alone so I’m a little more than usual pissed off at Political Correctness right now.


About Stoshwolfen

A man, a Christian, an Objectivist, and a Pragmatist.
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