Five Times a Day

Tonight, Thursday November 19, 2015, on his evening radio show Mark Levin declared that World War III is now in full swing. The idea seems extreme, but I have been thinking about it for a couple of hours now.

World War I started when the Archduke Ferdinand was assassinated. Austria demanded reparations and Serbia refused. When the Austo-Hungarian empire mobilized to exact revenge upon Serbia the Great Powers honored their mutual defense treaties one after the other until every nation in Europe was aligned on one side or the other. Historians often cite “interlocking treaties and alliances” as the proximate cause of the war. This seems an odd lesson to learn to me because without those alliances the Austro-Hungarians would not doubt simply have added Serbia to their empire.

World War II started when Germany and the Soviet Union subdivided Poland by force of arms. Historians in this case almost universally blame Hitler for starting the war ignoring the “interlocking treaties and alliances” that once again strung all of Europe together, or apart as the case may be. In short order the Japanese Wars of Conquest, ongoing since 1934, get lumped in with the European War, but the two were unrelated started for completely different reasons. Even the German-Japanese alliance was one of information and propaganda rather than any material or military support.

What do we have to support the threshold of World War III? The web of treaties and alliances exists as before. Instead of a prideful emperor or a delusional megalomaniac we have a religion.

Before you say, “you can’t fight a religion”, consider that the religion in question is doctinally a religion of domination and regression. It is the only major religion that prescribes the death sentence for all non-believers. The religion is fighting Western Civilization under a holy commandment to conquer the earth. (If you doubt that assertion I challenge you to prove me wrong from the Holy Qu’ran or the Hadith.)

The only new feature in this world war is the concept of Disseminated Leadership. There is no emperor, no fuhrer, no supreme soviet. There are only those who read the book. And the book is an “end times prophecy”, something that should be familiar to US Christians.

The muslim is commanded to fight against the infidel, the kufir, and the apostate in order to bring about the end times. Christians wait for the end times and then rise up while Muslims rise up in order to make the end times happen.

We are at war. We did not declare this war. It was declared 1400 years ago and has been waged with enthusiasm ever since.

Is there a way to fight a religion? The answer will determine whether we end this century more advanced, more technological, and more enlightened …

… or we finish this century in the 7th century bowing to Mecca five times a day.


About Stoshwolfen

A man, a Christian, an Objectivist, and a Pragmatist.
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