The Pledge: Are you kidding me?

Examine the pledge. Is that something you are willing to stake life and property on? I have taken the Oath of Loyalty to the Constitution of the United States. Now THAT is a pledge I renew gladly, with full respect, and intent to die by if that be required.

The pledge is socialist device.

Are you kidding me?

Not at all. I am deadly serious. While I am prepared to sacrifice my life for the Constitution, I am unwilling to sacrifice a left handed basket weave for the flag, or the “republic”.

We are not “one nation”, we are 50 nations banded together into a federation.

“Under God” is redundant because all creation exists under God.

We are “indivisible” only through the force of arms in 1861-65.

“Justice” is currently in flux and one is hard pressed to find a definition acceptable to any great majority of us.

“Liberty” is so complex and illusive that one must stand for it every day in every walk of life or lose it, either to the left or to the right, both of which use force to gain compliance with their particular version of “freedom and fairness”.

“For all” is an absolute assertion and therefore a logical impossibility.

So many concepts from the story books and precious little relationship to the actual daily struggle of maintaining freedom and individuality in our modern “Nation”.


About Stoshwolfen

A man, a Christian, an Objectivist, and a Pragmatist.
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