The Hypocrisy Defies Description!

This is painful because I don’t like Shepherd Smith, but if you have a moment take a quick look at Fox’s “Shepherd Smith Reports” for Wednesday afternoon. I was stateside when this shit happened in Saigon. I am retired as this shit happens in Iraq. Then it was fanatic communists. Now it is fanatic Muslims. I cannot describe what is happening NOW in Iraq and Syria any better than Smith.

I wish it were as easy as Democrat versus Republican, but 45 years ago we had a Republican president. The easiest way to label these people is the Liberal Power Elites. (Don’t tell me Nixon was a conservative. I lived through it. I know better.)

The result seems predictable — The fanatics win and a purge of millions follows.

In a way these deaths are going to be our fault, specifically the US Liberal Establishment’s fault. No, they are not Americans, not even Europeans with whom we have some cultural affinity, but they are human beings, people who counted on promises made by our government. If Obama, Hillary, and the rest have their way there will be Act III and it will be in OUR STREETS. They are experts at avoiding revolutions. They are experts in killing millions.

We Americans are NOT immune from their depredations! America! Wake Up!


About Stoshwolfen

A man, a Christian, an Objectivist, and a Pragmatist.
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