The Constitution is Dying in Obama’s Hands

Among a few other reasons for my decision back in January to withdraw my support from the Gringrich candidacy for the nomination was this statement, made twice in public:

“I would ignore the Supreme Court” regarding certain decisions on the Guantanomo detainees.

Now it appears that in addition to the Race Card, our sitting president has played the Gingrich Card.

The US Constitution is under attack by the administration. This attack mirrors something Andrew Jackson said when SCOTUS declared his Indian Relocation Policy unconstitutional — “[The court] has made its decision, now let them enforce it.”

From January, 2012:

From Monday:

Andrew Jackson? Did you know that Mr. Obama is finally completing a process began in 1832 away from Constitutional governance back toward monarchy?

This time in the form of a “freely elected” Marxist ideologue named Barrack.


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A man, a Christian, an Objectivist, and a Pragmatist.
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