Epitaph for The Republic?

I have stated my own opinion.

I hate to say this, but I will now speculate on why Romney and Paul are the media favorites while in actual delegate counts Paul is running a poor third behind Santorum.

Romney — NE GOP establishment candidate. They think he is a conservative, but conservatives from the NE, including the GOP Establishment that makes these decisions, the money guys, are considered borderline lefties in the rest of the country. Ideologically, he and they are not different enough from the Socialists, represented by Obama and his crew, to have any significant effect on the government. These people are focused on power for themselves and not much else.

Paul — I am unsure what his motives are; he has never made them clear as far as I can tell. Inferring from his actions, he is a racist (the newsletter), an isolationist (the foreign policy), and an opportunist (the earmarks). None of these characteristics qualify him for high office, certainly not the Oval Office. Add that to the fact that his support never rises above 25% and you are left with a Ross Perot for the 21st century — he’s not going anywhere himself, but he has the power to ruin it for the rest of us.

Gingrich — He has the potential to be a conservative, but he is so entangled with the party elites that he gets confused about what conservatism is in this day and age far far too easily.

Perry — Seriously? After he has spent the past week attacking Capitalism instead of attacking Romney? This guy might be just as whacko as Ron Paul.

Huntsman — A liberal in GOP’s clothing. “Nuff said.

Santorum — Troublesome details, but the only consistent conservative in the bunch.

Conclusion — There are some obvious bad choices (funny we can’t agree on which ones those are) and one, maybe two, okay choices, but nothing to indicate the Republic will survive the next four years.

With the exception of Santorum, all of these gentlemen have shown either gross ignorance of or disregard for the very Constitution they claim to support. The only honest anti-Constitutionalist in the race is Barrack Obama. At least he doesn’t mind telling us the Constitution should be a document of Positive Rights instead of all those Negative Rights and restrictions on Government.

I pray earnestly that I will not be writing an epitaph for the The Republic before year’s end.


About Stoshwolfen

A man, a Christian, an Objectivist, and a Pragmatist.
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